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Val decides to take a break from men Plus, a vengeful shopping spree by Darryl forces April to become more pro-active. Rumors spread about Val's sexual preference just as her budding relationship. Keisha agrees to help Malcolm out a tough situation. Meanwhile, April takes a huge gamble when she invests her own money in Reed's career. Millicent Shelton. Things couldn't be better for Val and Jerry Keisha gets caught in the middle of an old feud between Malcolm and his brother. April tries to get Reed to focus more on his music than partying.

And Christina gives Omar relationship advice. Another magical night with Jerry leaves Val wondering if he might be "the one. April's efforts to get Reed's new track on the radio yield surprising results. Christina is baffled by her new boyfriend's hot-and-cold act. Val finally discovers Jerry's one flaw and it might be a deal-breaker for her.

Keisha worries that Malcolm isn't telling her everything about his relationship with his ex-wife. April's pride in Reed's success is short-lived when he starts ego-tripping. And Christina's exciting offer from the guy she's dating isn't what it's cracked up to be.

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Val is more overwhelmed than ever after she receives two shocking surprises. Just when Keisha thought everything about Malcolm had been revealed, she gets dragged further into his murky past. One heartbreaking chapter of April's life closes, but another promising one opens. Christina's brutally honest live journal about Val is discovered And to make matters worse, she gets reacquainted with a former lover special guest star Terrell Tilford.

Meanwhile, April begins her new career as a club promoter, and is looking forward to dating now that her divorce is final. Also, the girls and Omar deal with saying good-bye to Val who has moved to Milan and plans to sell the boutique. Raquel plans on buying the boutique but must convince Eve first, while a lover special guest star William Levy from the past returns into her life.

Meanwhile, April dates a doctor who is way too into a certain body part of hers, and Keisha deals with her love triangle between Malcolm and Sean. Omar and Derek adopt, but are at odds over their different parenting styles. Raquel plans new ways to help improve V.

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Antonio reveals something to Raquel that could damage their relationship, while April deals with being single and spending time alone. Meanwhile, Keisha decides to end her relationship with Malcolm. Also, Keisha deals with an unexpected development at one of her real estate listings. The girls attend the lavish Kappa Boule Ball where Raquel meets an intriguing guy special guest star Ricky Whittle , but also learns a family secret that shatters her foundation.

Meanwhile, April begins dating a stripper, and Keisha learns that Malcolm is seeing another woman. Also, the girls run into their good friend Shelly and learns that she has a new promotion under her father's company. Keisha loses big in a poker game to Luke special guest star T. Raquel dates a former professional football player whose beauty is only skin deep. April continues to date Jack the stripper, but struggles with the realities of his profession.

Omar and his sister Presley's guest star La La Anthony boyfriend guest star Omar Gooding almost come to blows when Marcus says the wrong thing. Raquel dates a year-old store owner guest star Romeo Miller and has reservations about the age difference. Keisha learns new details concerning Malcolm's new girlfriend.

Keisha moves on from Malcolm and begins a whirlwind relationship with a British military officer who has a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Raquel goes out with Charles, but falls for a sexy auto mechanic. April runs into her ex-husband Darryl special guest star Anthony Montgomery and is shocked to learn the identity of his new girlfriend guest star Pilar Sanders.

Meanwhile, Omar avoids going to his class reunion because he thinks he's a failure. Hesitant at first, Keisha decides to take her platonic relationship with Sean to the next level. Raquel continues to date Charles but she learns the complications of dating two men at the same time when she unexpectedly runs into Nate. Meanwhile, April wants to explore her newfound feelings for her close friend, Reggie, but has a hard time doing so. Elsewhere, Raquel hires a single mom to work at the boutique and decides to give Omar a much deserved pay increase.

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Shelly's past catches up with her as her leaked sex tape has officially gone viral. Raquel and Charles' game playing creates a rough patch in their young relationship. Raquel and Keisha have business dealins with Nicolette, a former supermodel with her own clothing line and a combative reputation. As Winston re-appears to wine and dine Keisha, Malcolm contacts her wanting to break their silence. April and Reggie find their transition from friends to lovers to be easier said than done.

For the first time in his life, Omar deals with romantic rejection. Morgan's decision to be the initiator of a date has unforeseen consequences. Story by: Littlejohn Teleplay by: Malcolm re-enters Keisha's life with an offer to sell his father's mansion. During the property's auction, Keisha finds herself caught between battling divas, Sharon Love and Laila Twilight, whose competition escalates as they each try to be the highest bidder. Raquel worries Charles isn't interested in her because he keeps finding excuses to delay intimacy.

April's relationship with Reggie hits a snag when she complains about his lovemaking skills. Omar's new man's addiction to social media threatens their budding relationship. Morgan learns the hard way to think before she speaks when her mouth gets her into trouble at work and at home. Dianne Houston. While a tornado threatens to touch down near the boutique, Raquel gets trapped in an elevator with Charles, who shares a surprising revelation.

After an eye-opening encounter with Malcolm, Keisha finally commits to Sean, only to discover he's been committed elsewhere. April and Reggie's last-minute vacation plans are cancelled by the storm; as they wait it out, a new storm brews between them. Omar finds a unique way to cope with cabin fever. Morgan celebrates her three-week anniversary with Jobari but learns something about him that threatens their future. After a night out with the girls, Keisha's doubts about Sean are a distant memory when he comes to her aid after she's victimized.

Distraught over her recent break-up with Reggie, April manages to find closure in their relationship. Omar becomes smitten by a local designer, while Morgan reluctantly dates an older man. Meanwhile, Raquel re-examines her relationship with Charles when she and a sexy musician guest star Justin Gaston share a unique connection. Keisha and Sean's relationship hits a snag when Malcolm asks for her help when he lands himself into a sticky situation. Raquel tries to put her break-up with Charles out of her mind but believes she may have another chance at love when Antonio reappears in her life.

A desperate Reggie continues to pull out all the stops to convince April to move to New York City with him. Omar becomes the butt his latest boyfriend's jokes when he begins dating an up-and-coming comedian guest star Tone Bell. Keisha comes face to face with a stalker and is subsequently forced to make a difficult choice between the men in her life. After meeting Charles' current flame and ex-girlfriend, Padma, Raquel realizes that she must confess her love or possibly lose him forever.

When April meets Reggie's family, she learns something about him that rocks her world. Morgan is swept up in romance with a mysterious Middle-Eastern businessman who offers her an opportunity of a lifetime. Omar's new crush threatens his budding relationship with Parker in ways he could have never imagined.

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Picking up three months later, the ladies are reunited for a lavish wedding of one of their closest friends. Keisha and Malcolm return from travelling around the world, only to be faced with a sudden tragedy. Raquel ditches her love woes and focuses on her boutique, Indulgence. Meanwhile, April seeks employment with Atlanta's most prominent music managers, Felicia Price, but their meeting is anything but cordial.

Raquel seeks new investment partners for Indulgence. April meets David Berenger at a party but their relationship becomes complicated when she learns that he works at Price Management. Keisha and Malcolm deal with Sean's return as he represents Naomi Cox, a woman who claims she deserves part ownership of Franks Jewels. Meanwhile, Omar makes a new friend on the football field. Raquel mulls a partnership with Terrence in his new business venture.

A run-in with Presley threatens Omar's new relationship. Raquel and Terrence agree to venture in a new business partnership but they learn that they share different approaches to business. April sets out to score points with Felicia by introducing her to everyone at Indulgence, and meets a new guy in the process. Meanwhile, Keisha and Malcolm continue to deal with Sean. Raquel and Terrence struggle to work together as they search for the perfect jewelry piece to showcase at the upcoming Glam Walk fashion show.

April and David continue their rivalry, even as David flirts with Raquel and April continues to date Ben. Keisha and Malcolm begin to settle back into life in Atlanta as they find a new house, but Naomi and Sean get ready to play their next card.

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A family emergency brings Presley and Marcus back into Omar's life. Raquel and Terrance continue to grow closer while working together. Meanwhile, April is feeling the pressure of Felicia's demands. Also, Malcolm is plagued with the investigation. Raquel meets Grant, a potential new investor, but Terrence believes that Grant is interested in more than just landing a new client. Meanwhile, David returns from L. Also, Keisha becomes concerned as Terrence's past life may impact his budding relationship with Raquel.

Raquel continues to date Grant without mixing business and pleasure. Meanwhile, April lands a new client which brews jealousy within David. Malcolm's past dealings come to the fore. Also, Omar's work relationship with Price Management causes a rift with Nate. Keisha learns that Naomi has involvement with Malcolm and Sean. Michael Schultz. Yolanda E.

Lawrence Teleplay by: Tamiko K. Raquel is held hostage by the ruthless Deacon, and the Malcolm believes that Naomi may know where she is located. Denise Vasi joins the cast as Raquel Lancaster. The IRS continues to hound Keisha, so she reaches out to a former flame for help. Meanwhile, April falls for a guy during a roller-skating excursion, and Raquel reconnects with a forbidden lover from her past.

Raquel has a lusty encounter with her first love—until he discloses shock-and-awe news. Elsewhere, April believes she's lost her dating prowess; and Omar gets engaged. The ladies attend a luxury ball, where Raquel happens upon an appealing guy, but her world is upended by the discovery of a family secret. Meanwhile, April has a secret fling with a stripper. It's in the cards that Keisha will lose big in a poker game to a sightly gambler. Meanwhile, Raquel woos an ex-gridiron player, and April continues her fling with a stripper.

A secret surfaces about Malcolm's new girlfriend. Keisha gets involved with a British military officer with a surprising secret; Raquel starts dating two men; April is surprised by the identity of her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

Keisha's friendship with Sean unexpectedly turns physical. Elsewhere, Raquel discovers that dating two men can pose complications. Raquel's newfound relationship hits a snag. In other developments, Winston arrives to wine and dine Keisha just as Malcolm reaches out to her. Intimacy issues plague Raquel's romance and April's relationship. Keisha at last commits to Sean following a startling meeting with Malcolm. Meanwhile, things get stormy between April and Reggie.

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Sean rescues Keisha after she's victimized, causing Keisha's doubts about him to disappear. Elsewhere, Raquel reevaluates her relationship with Charles when she chances upon a sightly musician. Malcolm reaches out to Keisha for help, an action that poses a threat to her relationship with Sean. Elsewhere, Antonio reappears in Raquel's life. In the Season 2 finale, Keisha encounters a stalker and must make a game-changing decision about her love life. Meanwhile, Raquel comes to a romantic crossroads after meeting Charles' current flame.

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