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After the table name you write the list of columns, you want to insert the values into.

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You can ignore the columns name and don't write to them. If you don't write the columns name, the values will be inserted into all the columns found in the table with the same order, the columns are defined in the table. SQLite Insert Example In the following example, we will insert 2 rows into the students table, one for each student: This will insert two students: However, in the second statement, we didn't.

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The four values " 12, 'Aly', 4, '' " will be inserted in all the four columns of the Students table in the same order the columns are defined. Now, let's verify that the two students were inserted into the Students table by running the following query: As following: After the "update clause", you should write the table name to update. You have to write "SET clause" which is used to write the column name to update and the value to be updated.

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You can update more than one column. You can use a comma between each line. Only the rows that the expression evaluates to true are updated. Now, let's verify that the student with ID 6 is updated, by running the following command: However, the DROP clause is used to delete the entire table with all the records on it. Only the rows for which the expression evaluates to true will be deleted. Example In the following statement, we will delete two students with StudentId 11 and This command should run successfully and you shouldn't get any output as following: You can verify that the two students were deleted, by selecting all the records from the Students table as following: And then you tried to insert or update a value on that column with a value that conflicts with this constraint.

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You should understand what is a database transaction. Database Transaction: The term database transaction is a list of SQLite operations insert or update or delete. The database transaction must be executed as one unit, either all of the operations executed successfully or not at all.

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All the operations will be cancelled if one of them failed to execute. Example for a database transaction: The transaction for transferring money from one bank account to another will involve a couple of activities. This transaction operation includes the withdrawal of money from the first account, and depositing it into another account. This transaction must fully completed or fully cancelled and not to fail halfway. For example, if you are trying to update 10 rows, and the fifth row has a value that conflict with a constraint, then no rows will be updated, the 10 rows will stay the same.

An error will be thrown. For example, if you are trying to update 10 rows, and the fifth row has a value that conflict with a constraint, then only the fifth value won't be updated but the other 9 rows will be updated. However, the transaction won't continue but the previous changes made to rows prior to the row that has the conflict will be committed.

For example, if you are trying to update 10 rows, and the fifth row has a value that conflict with a constraint, then only the 4 rows will be updated and the other won't. It won't proceed further to update other rows and stop at the row that has the conflict value. Feb 27, I'm passing the arguments as they should be, it's just nothing is happening?

I've tried to DROP the table and recreate it, no result. The Scrollviews are cleared and recreated, plus I have pulled the DB from the phone and opened it and there are duplicate rows, so it's not the lists? This is driving me crazy as I've been at this for night's on end now. Malky , Feb 27, The only possible option I can see is to get a list of existing 'id's for each table and updating where a row exists, or inserting if it doesn't, but it seems a lot of code to get round something that should be simple and apparently works?

Malky, Post your project. It's help to find the solution. Regards Edgar.

Android app development for beginners - SQLITE - 4 - Delete row and Drop table

Is this only to feed a listbox? Why not just read it in from the website and copy the http response to the app folder just in case there is no internet connection? Hi as requested, I'm adding the code in case someone can help? Please don't use any of the contact options as they are live!! Basically, I start the app, select the language and when presented with the menu, I select 'Update' to emulate someone trying to update for any new data each week or month etc. It's when I try the update that I get the problem with duplicate scrollview items.

The main reason for doing it this way is to allow it to be used offline because of the area coverage here. Cheers, Malky. Attached Files: Malky , Feb 28, I've never had to before? Some of the scrollviews are repopulated each time a previous srcollview scv selection changes. If I go back and select item 4, then the list appears with only items related to item 4. At the end of the day that wouldn't matter anyway. After checking the db after an update attempt, it has duplicate entries! I'm missing some libs so I can't test it untill I have those.

Can you give some hints on this? Feb 28, Recent Posts You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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