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I successfully re-tested this method Jan - still working as stated for a Mac limited to El Capitan.

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The simplest way - if available to you - is to use your Purchase History on the App Store. If you have ever previously installed any OS X version, it will still be available to you from that list.

This should include any public beta versions too. The version available from that list will always be the latest version of its type - i.

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Image heavily modified to show only OS versions. Note, it will say Download or Install depending on whether or not you have the Installer file saved locally - even on a non-boot drive. If the version you are trying to download is older than the Mac you are attempting to download it to - the Store will not allow the download. Potential workarounds, need testing - How to re-download Lion from Mountain Lion.

If you are trying to update an older machine running Snow Leopard or Lion, then you can get a special version of El Capitan from the App Store. This version of El Capitan can also be installed on computers that are not compatible with High Sierra. Note that last sentence Hold the appropriate key combo at the boot chimes About Recovery Disk Assistant.

Re-Download OS X Mavericks Installer from the App Store of OS X 10.9

Should you have access to an older point release of any OS, Google is good at finding these, as the top hit if you just search combo update Mavericks Additional Note: There is no 'legitimate' way to download macOS from anything other than a Mac. It requires the Apple App store. You can still pick data out from the Time Machine manually, but cannot use it to restore to the older OS. Here's a nice python script that will download High Sierra and Mojave from the update servers.

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I'm sure over time these versions will be replaced with newer versions, but in October you can download High Sierra from a Mojave Mac with a convenient script:. Thank you for your interest in this question.

OS X Mavericks not available is App store

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  • STEP 1. Prepare your Mac for installation;
  • Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Mac mini Late OS X Update 1 I downloaded the Mavericks Installer using a friend's laptop. Visiting the Apple Store seems to be the default support path around this bug: Hope this fix helps someone Lesson Learned: Track temporary configuration changes or restore to the original when you're done.

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    Does the installer even download? Is it there? It appears the App Store does not allow the download to start.

    OS X Mavericks 10.9 (13A603) App Store Image "NO SURVEYS"

    Perhaps that is related to the "command line installs" problem The line was added months before to install an application but not removed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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