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You can use the equalizer to adjust audio to songs, manage beats per minute, loops for each song, effects and add tracks to your playlist. Skip to the start of the track using the sound wave bar at the top of the screen. The app can be used with headphones.

Synchronise with your SoundCloud account in order to upload your records or share the app on social networks. In a hurry? Add it to your Download Basket! Neat interface that comes with plenty of instructions for new users and people who have just started to use mixing boards. It accesses many areas of your phone but they are mostly connected to its features.

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It comes with the option of logging into SoundCloud to upload mixes. This is one of those apps that has the potential of draining your battery fast because it uses many effects and plays songs. DJ Studio 5 5. Become a real DJ and mix away with this great application.

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Google Play Store offers a wide variety of applications that you can use to do virtually anything. Some of the most entertaining apps come from the category of virtual instruments, like pianos or drums that you can play on your phone or tablet. DJ Studio 5 comes with a mixing board and plenty of settings at hand to make you the main attraction at any party. Easy-to-use interface that comes with many features The app comes with plenty of instructions in the menu.

You will also be able to select the tracks you want , put them in line, adjust the volume and speed of them and manage the fader to move from one plate to another very easily. Moreover, you will also find more advanced options if you are an advanced user, such as applying effects, equalize each track, create, save and drop samples in a comfortable and fully customizable Pad with 10 samples.

To summarize the main feature of DJ Studio 4 , we can say that: And, if you want to leave it and forget about music and sound, you can edit all the playlists you want or use its Auto-mix , with which you will be able to enjoy the shuffle your library or your lists of songs automatically sequenced.

5 best DJ apps for Android

You can also record your own sessions and share them on SoundCloud with all your friends. DJ Studio 4 has support for screens from 3. Finally, it is worth remember that this is a trial version and it includes all options but to listen to songs without watermark, you will have to get the app with a registration license.

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Is it better than other similar ones? Does it offer many features? Restrictions - The trial version has watermarks on the songs and options. Brake and FlippingDouble. Size Version 5. Language English. Total Downloads 56, Works with Android 2.

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