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Your iPad can also be a valuable research tool. Pull up these apps to do a little scientific reading for your next project. From timing your experiments to converting units in the lab, these tools can help you save time and learn more. Skip to: Menu Content Footer. Chemistry Get beautiful photographs of the elements or explore what happens when you design your own molecules using these great iPad apps. The Elements: A Visual Exploration: One of the most celebrated apps on the iPad, this periodic table is much more than a list.

Online science students will find themselves inspired by the beauty of the elements and may just learn a thing or two to boot. Periodic Table of the Elements: Visualize all kinds of molecules using this app. You can zoom in, out and look at molecular structure from every possible angle.

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This could be a great tool for online chemistry students looking to put a picture to the things they read about in textbooks. Students working in the lab will appreciate this tool, which makes it easy to design buffer solutions for pH control. Doing double duty, it acts as both a reference guide and a calculator.

Like to create your own molecular compounds?

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This app will let you visualize them or any other type of molecule, which is great for research into structural biology, pharmaceuticals and more. The chemistry lab can be a highly educational place, but it can also be a dangerous one. Learn from this application which chemicals pose a danger so you can stay safe, which could be especially handy for those looking to launch careers as lab technicians.

Self Assembly: Check out this app to embrace your creative chemist side. With it, you can design your own molecules and watch them self-assemble into more complex structures. Similar to the 3D Brain app, this tool will let learners slip in and out of the structures of a cell, with information on what each part does and helpful videos. Monster Anatomy HD: This award-winning app can be a big help, visualizing and identifying every structure on the human body, and can also be useful for students enrolled in online health science degree programs.

Skeletal HD: From the smallest bones to the largest ones, this program will help you study for any anatomy exam like a pro. Pocket Heart: Get up close and personal with the human heart using this app that provides modeling, videos, vocabulary and much more. So keep the science, knowledge and the truth coming, for these things are what will come through and save the day.

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This I firmly believe. My wife is afflicted with MS. I like this app because I have faith in mankind.

I know that if we can appeal to the Angels of our better natures, that we will progress on and on to the point that we will be thought of as Gods by the ancients, whose shoulders we stand upon. A hearty thank you from a person with limited intelligence me to those of you who excel in math, science, and the medical field.

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The one concern I do have is that we understand and keep control of machines when they become self aware. Build them very carefully with proper safeguards. I do not think we can deny they are coming because the country that fields them first and in a war winning scenario will be invincible. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Be an expert on the Science world! We love our Science community, so we're bringing you a very exciting update! Community improvements: If you do - please don't forget to rate us high on the store.

Thank you! The Newsfusion team. Be rewarded for different activities on the app - earn badges and show off!

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Express your opinion on each article! Apps Round-Up. Add Science and Math Smarts to Your Mobile Device Smartphones and tablets make for an ideal educational tools, and app makers are taking advantage of the power of those mobile devices to create interactive showcases, educational ebooks and even apps for citizen scientists to help in the search for knowledge.

Slide 1 of The Elements iOS: Slide 2 of Free WWF Free Rivers is a neat educational tool that shows the powerful impact river systems have on nature and human civilization and how we can damage or preserve these vital natural systems. Slide 3 of Science Journal Android, iOS: Slide 4 of Ultimate Dinopedia iOS: Slide 5 of Slide 6 of Slide 7 of Curiosity Android, iOS: Free Curiosity Android , iOS delivers short but info-rich articles, videos and podcasts on a variety of topics from nature to neuroscience, all designed to entertain and enrich your mind.

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