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Silver Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events. Wheels of Fire Bronze Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse. Working Man Bronze Contributed by: Cat Mania 15 Win a race as each racer. Clock Work 30 Pass every mission. Dreamarena Earn every achievement in the game.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Earn every achievement in the game. Play one hundred events including any race, mission or time trial in any mode.

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Golden Acts 80 Purchase every item from the shopping menu. High Roller 15 Finish the first lap in last position and go on to win the race.


Last Survivor 15 Purchase any item from the shopping menu. Lucky Dime 10 Race to every piece of music. Outrunner 30 Perform a fifteen second Drift. Power Drift 15 Complete any Race event without collisions.

[Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U] Unlock All Cheat

Streets of Rage 15 Win the race holding first place on each lap. Top Skater 15 Perform three Tricks in one jump and make the landing. True Blue 10 Perform twenty Turbo-Boosts within a single lap of any event.

Drifting is one of the best ways to earn boosts. The longer you keep a drift going, the more of a speed boost you get, which is why having tilt controls is a huge aid. Once you get to drift level three, which is the maximum boost level, let go of the drifting button to go shooting ahead of your rivals. You can get free rings and stars with a number of offers that have been placed around the game. Invite friends to play the game and each friend who signs up will earn you one free star.

This gives you three quick ice shots that you can use to stop your enemy cold. Get it, cold?

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Because it's ice To shoot, simply tap on the power-up and swipe upward to shoot forward, or downward to shoot behind you. This protects you from incoming attacks for a small amount of time. To activate it, simply tap the power-up icon and it'll pop up. This is the equivalent of a homing missile, and works best on enemies ahead of you.

Simply tap on the power-up and fire it upward, and it'll lock on to your closest adversary.

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You can also shoot it behind you when swiping downward, though it doesn't have lock-on capabilities going that way. You won't get this power-up all the time, but when you do, activating it will give you a higher amount of speed and let you run right through opponents. To use it, just tap the power-up when you're ready.

There are four ways. The first is picking up a general power-up boost after running over one of the question bowls. Just tap the power-up to use it. The second is with power strips that are colored pink and littered all over the tracks.