Jquery mobile themes not working

Additionally, jQuery Mobile's test suite is split between integration and unit tests. Where the unit tests are meant to focus on a single piece of the library eg, a widget and the integration tests require multiple pieces of the library to function. You can target either type by including the --types option when testing:. Skip to content.

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Beautiful jQuery Mobile Themes Part 1 – Graphite

Download ZIP. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Update Authors. Latest commit 1f0cec9 Sep 10, Add requirejs text plugin required for builder Aug 1, css Page: Tweak CSS for non-active page hiding Sep 1, demos demos: Remove doc line re: Remove old item untracking and update jQuery UI to 1. Implement classes option Jul 4, Add csslint and csscomb Jul 4, Added editorconfig Jul 4, Normalize line endings Apr 14, Update grunt task, fix jscs: Split up grunt file into individual modules Jul 3, Added mapping for patrioticcow Dec 15, Add jQuery 3.

Don't specify the required Node. Contributing You can contribute to the project by reporting issues, suggesting new features, or submitting pull requests. For users we support the following build targets: Requirements node. For example, if a user wished to exclude the form widgets to reduce the wire weight of their jQuery Mobile include they would first remove them from the meta module: You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

You signed out in another tab or window. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Add requirejs text plugin required for builder. Aug 1, Tweak CSS for non-active page hiding. Sep 1, Dec 7, Sep 27, I did the following: I'd be grateful if anyone has ideas as to what I'm doing wrong. Replies 7. The CSS will not work correctly otherwise. It will nor work correctly if you change the order, due to assumptions about CSS cascade.

Starting with 1. There are several, you have to pick one. It needs to be loaded first:. I'd be surprised if your CSS was working correctly in the past. Leave a comment on watusiware's reply. Leave a comment on sbradbery's reply. Not sure what you mean by "not able to get the custom themes to appear". Something else? The ordering requirements are stated in Themeroller itself when you download the theme. See below. Theme has always come before structure, since version 1.

What is new in 1.

jQuery theme not applying to controls | The esytemydulex.cf Forums

If you use the standard CSS, then all three of these are already included. Do not use the standard CSS with your own icon or theme file. If you need to make changes to either icon or theme, use separate files with structure last. In this case, use the UN-minified versions of each file for best results with uglifier. To use your theme , add it together with the icon CSS file to the head of your page before the jquery.

It would just be a ticking time-bomb that would misbehave if the user hit browser refresh. Specifically - the issue I'm having is that I have the following code in which I've specified theme "b" for a collapsible jquery section see below I have checked browser diagnostics and the custom CSS file is actually being loaded.

There are no errors processing the custom CSS file though there are numerous warnings about moz-box-shadow being dropped among others. What is really interesting is that when I switch and use legacy JQM 1. So there seems to be something I am not doing in 1. Viewing the specific element in the CSS inspector in the 1.

Working example

Code samples below Your 1. When you have a custom theme, you should not load the full jquery.

Lesson 4 - Using jQuery Mobile Theme Roller to create a mobile app theme

You should load the structure. The regular CSS has the default theme already built-in, and that will override your theme. This is also wrong, and also will not work as expected, but in different ways.

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If you have a custom theme, you use structure and the theme comes first. If you do not have a custom theme, use the full CSS.

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  7. Note that swatch usage is different between 1. Go read the CSS documentation for 1. See the upgrade guide for this and other changes between 1. The changes are significant. I would not expect any 1. Topic Type: Discussions Questions Ideas Problems.