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Step 6: In Finder, right-click the song clip again and click Get Info. Under Name and Extension, change the song clip into a. Step 7: Drag the song clip to the desktop. Step 8: Step 9: Bonus Tip: How to transfer downloaded ringtone from PC to iPhone 7. Step 1: Step 2: Follow the guide and go to your computer to find the ringtone files. You can download multiple ringtones at one time. There is no data size and quantity limit.

After selecting, click Open to start to transfer the ringtones to iPhone.

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Cedric Grantham - You may know how to create a Facebook account on the web page, but how about creating a Facebook account on your handy i…. Fixed Here! Personally, I get bored easily, and I'd like my music to play when people call. Apple doesn't let us pick a song from our music libraries, but there is still a way to use our favorite tunes as tones.


In order to make customized ringtones using your favorite songs, you'll need to open up iTunes on either macOS or Windows. All you need is the songs in your library that you want to turn into ringtones. However, keep in mind that the process for this in iTunes We'll show you both below, just in case you're running an older iTunes on your computer.

This is a cool iTunes feature that not everyone knows about. You can set a start and end time for any song, so iTunes will only play that select portion of the track. For our purposes, this is perfect for creating the proper ringtone length. Ringtones can be up to 40 seconds long. If they're any longer than that, they won't copy over to your iPhone at all.

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Also, keep in mind that if you want to use your ringtone as an alert tone for texts, emails, calendar events, and more, your ringtone can be no longer than 30 seconds. If it's over 30 seconds, it won't show up as an option for alert tones on your iPhone, only for ringtones. Once you have found that sweet spot, open up the song's info window.

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The easiest way to do this is to make sure the track is highlighted, then hit Command-I or Control-I for Windows users on your keyboard. On the info screen, hit the "Options" tab.

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You will see "start" and "stop" boxes — this is where you enter your start and end times for your ringtone. Just make sure both checkboxes are checked before hitting "OK" at the bottom. If the start time is zero, it doesn't have to be checked, and likewise, if the stop time is the end of the song, it doesn't have to be checked AAC is a file type that was meant to replace the MP3, with higher-quality compression at the same bit rate.

It's like if Five Guys charged you the same for their burger as a McDouble we can only dream. You don't need to know that in order to do this step, though. What you're doing here is making a copy of the track, but with the time parameter you previously set. Instead of just seeing, say, a three-minute song, you'll also see a second one or however long you set it for.

To change that, go to "Preferences" in the menu bar, then hit the "Import Settings" button in the "General" tab. After that, try converting the song again It simply requires you to use the iOS software, the iTunes. Apple's restrictions mean that you still have to sync your iPhone with iTunes.

How to change your ringtone on an iPhone

Apple, as always, hasn't made the process easy for this too, because it wants to sell you a ringtone from its iTunes store. Hence changing the ringtone becomes far more laborious than it should be and generally users avoid it. However, if you're determined to turn that catchy riff into your ringtone, then continue reading this article and you will see actually how easy it is to change the ringtone of any Apple device and get yourself an iPhone ringtone remix.

According to the YouTube ratings, apple users prefer iPhone ringtone remix as their customized ringtone. So in this section, we have shortlisted the top ten iPhone ringtone remix based on the YouTube user ratings. This lovable song by Ed Sheeran is now of the top songs. This tune contains the opening music and is absolutely lovable.

This is a great remixed version of the original iPhone ringtone. A perfect creation with many views.

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This beautiful ringtone has the tune of apple default ringtone and the enticing voice of Rihanna. This is yet another great tune from Marshmello creations that has been tactically cropped to make the perfect ringtone. Fifth Harmony Girls are known as the top pop queens and this Work from home is a perfect ringtone for any device. Cold Water by Marimba remix ix one of the top songs of the segment. It was the on the top songs list of The remix has been made so nicely by DJ Snake and Marimba that all the tunes sound like one single entity.

Many iPhone users are sound musically and want to create their own ringtone instead of using the songs created by someone else. In this section we will show you how you can customize ringtones for your iPhone and make it sound unique. Well, Wondershare has built a great application for this purpose. It is known as the Ringtone maker.

It has a very easy and extremely friendly user interface and can be used to create ringtone for any Apple device very easily. In addition to ringtone maker function, the software also supports the need of transferring ringtone between iPhone and Android. Step 1. First, download the software from the Wondershare website and install it on your PC.