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I installed software in Chinese, then I couldn't read or go forward. Should I install in English first? Message 5 of I can post the step-by-step this evening. Sorry for the delay. Message 6 of Accepted by topic author technotes. Accepted by technotes.

Fear no more: Beginners guide to mastering the BlackBerry Key2's keyboard

The most important point is that there are two different software packages you need, to make this happen:. Blackberry Desktop Software -- is the software that you have on your computer, that you utilize to manage your Blackberry devices. Blackberry Handheld Software -- is the Blackberry Model Specific Software, that you can use to update the application information on your particular Blackberry Model, whether that be , , etc.

The problem that I found, when trying to re-explore this problem Didn't document it too well the first time around, was that the Blackberry Desktop Software can easily be found on the blackberry. I am not sure if the links will work for you, or not, but I included them, in hopes that they did, in order to pull up the correct links.

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Enter in some personally identifiable information. By default, the marketing boxes are not selected. I used fake information here, and the download worked just fine! Finally, download the Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Please save it to the desktop, so it is easier to find later. Select the product that you are downloading.

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Choose the proper phone. Click Next. Now, you need to enter some personally identifiable information again. I used fake information here, only because I have given RIM my real name too many names already! Finally, download the software here.

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Please save it to your Desktop, so it is easier to find later. Choose "Cancel" when invited to update your device it doesn't fix the issue you're here for later on, update if you feel free to. Pray it works for you. I couldn't test on the device I was using, sorry I had to cancel at the "Finish" screen. Contact your phone provider, and make sure they know this information, so it is easier for their other customers!

Please contact me, if you feel like rewarding me for the FAQ. I'll fix these directions more later I don't have a device of my own, so I have to borrow one, to do this, sorry Message 7 of Princesscut wrote: I see what you may have done wrong. You possibly selected to use the Chinese language, at the initial set-up of the device? This would have caused you to set all of your menus and text to turn to Chinese. If you can't read Chinese, then this is a bad idea.

What you should do is to choose "English" during the initial device setup. This makes your interface English. Message 8 of Message 9 of Jet Yi wrote: Jet Yi: If you initially setup the device to use "English" language, it deletes the other languages from the device. After this, you can come back and follow the steps that I listed, and you can add the alternate characters and fonts, without worrying about losing your English interface. You can view your menus in English, but you can read the Chinese messages.

As far as character entry, I actually have no idea about that. I added the support so a Japanese VP could view the alternate characters and fonts. I do not know if my solution supports typing in alternate fonts.

Chinese on the BlackBerry - Chinese Language Processing and Chinese Computing

Message 10 of Message 11 of Could you please see about Japanese input support on the BlackBerry? Message 12 of With regards to Japanese Input Support on the Blackberry: This is apparently available for an h model. Turn on the switch beside each input language that you want to use. To switch between input languages while you type, do one of the following: Press and hold the Space key.

Tap an input language.

Install Language in Blackberry Curve 8520 or any model

Global BlackBerry Mobile Global. BlackBerry Hotline.

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