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That has made many phones "zero dollars down," although you'll end up paying full price for them in the end. Almost all Verizon phones are bought through the carrier, although many unlocked phones now work with the carrier. You can't bring just any foreign phone to this network — they have to be pre-approved — but big unlocked brands sold in the US, including phones from Apple, Google, OnePlus, Razer, Samsung, and most phones sold unlocked on Amazon, work fine on Verizon's network now.

The ten phones listed here are the best we've reviewed that run well on Verizon's network.

They include Android and iOS smartphones, and our favorite of a batch of simple voice phones. We recommend only buying 4G voice phones nowadays, because of shrinking 2G and 3G coverage, and we're happy to see that Verizon has a broader selection of 4G voice phones than any other carrier. Verizon will introduce mobile 5G around March of with a Samsung flagship phone, probably the Galaxy S The phone will be very expensive, though, and coverage will initially be quite limited, so it'll be for early adopters.

Feel free to wait if you want to be on the absolute cutting edge of mobile speed, but otherwise Verizon's 4G LTE network will serve you quite well over the next few years. The Moto Z3 is an interesting middle ground if you're interested in experimenting with 5G. By itself, it's a decent midrange phone. But the phone will get an add-on—a backpack, if you will—in early that will enhance it with 5G capabilities, letting you try out the 5G network in areas where it's available.

It's not a flagship, but it will probably be the most affordable 5G smartphone option for months. If you need more help buying a phone, check out our cell phone product guide for the most recent reviews. Huge, awesome screen. Fastest processor available. Excellent camera. Long battery life. Fast performance. Beautiful OLED screen.

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Sharp front and rear camera with impressive low-light, zoom, and bokeh capabilities. Useful Google Assistant functionality. Highly optimized software with guaranteed updates. No headphone jack or memory card slot. Big battery. Lots of storage. Excellent S Pen stylus. Class-leading processor and modem. Gorgeous screen.

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Beautiful body. Spectacular network performance. Dual main cameras with excellent low-light capture. Loud audio. Camera software oversharpens images. AR Emoji and Bixby disappoint.

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Support for all major US carriers. Solid specs and overall performance. Start enjoying your cool new Cricket phone on our reliable nationwide network. Customize Your Account: Don't forget to jot down your login name and password. We're so excited to have you on board. Here's a few steps to get you started. You can also use this guide for setting up a tablet you're bringing to Cricket you just won't have access to voicemail. If you have any issues after activation, restart your device. Download our free apps: We'll walk you through the steps?

Having trouble with high-speed data access or messaging on a phone you brought to Cricket? If you brought your phone to , you may need to configure your data settings manually. Super fast response I always wondered why Android requires 6 cores to run Almost all apps I have on my iPhone are available. The Kids corner is a great feature that lets me hand the phone to my kids without worrying about them cannibalizing my stuff.

Developing apps for this phone is the easiest between all three platforms Windows, iPhone, and the horrible Android I This unlocked Verizon smart phone is a great value for money. Personally, I like Windows 8 phones better than Android phones.

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Main downside is that not enough apps are available for Windows phones. Before buying this phone, look at the Windows App store and if all the apps you use are available, then this will be good buy. Verizon has the best coverage of all the cell phone carriers. And even Verizon Prepaid.

This phone also makes a good first smartphone for your child. It is no iPhone, but great value for money. Best phone I ever owned. Had a note 4 before this one in almost every aspect this is better except screen size.

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  5. Camera, way better! OS, the best on the market! App store, is building and gets all the popular apps. Windows acts as a buffer for apps. Only good, working apps are accepted, so it will never have as many as apple nor Android as they accept anything no matter the risk especially Android, which I like a lot more than apple.

    I rarely see an IPhone with a clear screen. The resolution on this phone is a lot better than most phones aside from the and Microsoft puts a lot on stronger software than strong hardware. Which can be seen in cheaper models.

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    With this phone both soft and hardware are powerful. Although the others have more games this phone offers a wide variety of Great phone for the price. It is a near-top tier phone for a mid-tier price. Obviously the windows mobile ecosystem is lacking but this phone will get windows 10 and that could be a game changer in terms of apps, etc.

    The only downside to this phone - the newly released Lumia has almost the exact same specs for about half the price. The only reason i'd get the over the is if you don't like shiny plastics, and want a better camera WITH a dedicated camera button the is pureview branded; the is not. If camera performance isn't an issue - go with the cheaper The phone is at least brand new, it looks like