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Virgin Mobile APN settings for LG G5 SE - APN Settings Canada

Are you sure you wanna remove this phone from your cart? Are you sure you want to remove the phone from the cart? Plan and add ons will be removed. Effective April 1, , there will be a change in the mobile rates for Pay Per Use data. Learn more. Say Hello Find a Store. Call Us Here are some from our article on how a couple were forced to battle for a refund after fraudsters hacked into their Amazon account It knows that it has a monopoly position on some goods and treats its customers with contempt.

Some people swear by Amazon, some people swear at Amazon. Just be on your guard for any unauthorised online activity and be prepared to respond quickly — time can be crucial in fraud cases. But it is clear that banks and online vendors need to clean up their act because their customer service is below par. Amazon says a dispatch note is proof of delivery. A dispatch note proves nothing and, if Amazon, like every other company using a signed-for delivery service, thinks that some illegible scrawl on one of those ridiculous hand-held machines would stand up in court, good luck with that. To stay safe when shopping online, I always use PayPal where possible.

I also have a special account with a different bank to my main one, where I keep a little bit of money that I use only for online shopping. I once had to return a very inexpensive item and was refunded immediately. It is always very nice and helpful. The simple way around this is not to save your credit card details on any website. Or you could use a card where you have to transfer money into the account before making a purchase.

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Then, at a near-zero balance, if someone tries to use your card, the payment will fail. When I have had minor issues with Amazon, a quick online chat has sorted them out promptly and efficiently, with no fuss. I have always understood that my National Insurance NI number is mine for life, but somewhere in my career with the local authority, the first two numbers of my NI number became the last two. I made several attempts to find out how this happened, but was never informed of the reason. In the end, I was more or less told to accept the new number and go away, as someone else had my original one.

It has always niggled me and now, at 69, I still wonder if my pension is correct.

Virgin Mobile MCC-MNC values

What an intriguing letter. I bet you're not the only person who has experienced this. It tells me that its systems picked up the use of an incorrect NI number and, despite this, it was able to ensure the contributions paid were credited to the correct account. A spokesman told me: Our processes seek to make sure tax and NI contributions records are matched to the correct account.

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You are able to get a statement of what is shown on your NI account here. I read in Money Mail that Airbnb is restricted or banned in some countries and cities. We've created a list of the regulations in popular destinations including New York, Spain and Singapore. You can find it online here. Our appointment was cancelled due to a health and safety inspection and I was not in a position to rebook.

I was told the deposit would be in my account the next day, but it never arrived. The Penthouse Studio apologises for the delay. It claims the only member of staff authorised to sign off refunds was away for a while on holiday, resulting in a slight backlog. I know they may need them in the event someone damaged the room or if you took something from the minibar, but do we have to provide them? If you refuse, it may not give you the room. Mr Russell says if you have paid, or if the room is guaranteed by a third-party, such as a tour operator, then the hotel may want your card details to pay for extras such as food and drink.

However, you are not obliged to hand these over — you can just pay as you go, if you prefer. My mother died in January and I am executor of the will. When going through her paperwork, I discovered she had two overs policies with Phoenix Life that would pay out a lump sum upon her death.

I rang Phoenix Life and it sent me the forms I needed to make a claim. After several letters and phone calls, it paid out one policy, but not the other. When I chased, I was repeatedly told to send in documents I had already provided. I did so again, but the firm still didn't come back to me. I'm getting distressed, as my siblings are concerned about where the money is. To be given the runaround when you have so much on your plate is the last thing you need.

Phoenix Life recognises this and has apologised profusely for the delay. A spokeswoman says that only one of the two claims forms it sent arrived back. Trying to be helpful, someone you spoke with on the phone suggested you use the same form to claim for both policies.

My data isn’t working. What should i do?

But they did not explain you needed to write both policy numbers on the letter accompanying the will, which you sent at a later date, resulting in further delays. A spokeswoman for Phoenix Life says: We regret we cannot reply to individual letters. Please do not send original documents as we cannot take responsibility for them.

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