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Joined Sep 28, Messages Joined Jan 4, Messages 1, Don-EL said: Last edited: Apr 19, CranialBlaze said: I beat that, i did mb already and the service book is not the cause, that problem was resolved ages ago and not through an OS update, it was a network problem caused by RIM wthe provider and RIM were both sending out the default service books over the push network, unlike other devices BB does not require apporval to import service books, no matter what version of OS6 you have the service books were removed using the same push network that put them there in the first place.

This problem was fixed late February, early March already. I was deleting the SBs almost daily and all of a sudden i realised it had been over a week since my browser gave me any trouble, also the SB problem prevented browsing or downloading of any kind, it did not time out after a certain time it simply would not allow the connection out,t he download would never of started to begin with. The failing downloads was a problem with the browser in certain versions of OS6 and then the signal can never be excluded, that can affect any version but there was a version were files simply failed to download irrespective of your signal quality.

Joined Apr 15, Messages 2, I tried downloading the latest PartitionMagic iso with my Galaxy S via wifi and the message I got was the file format was not supported. The site was distrowatch and mirror was Tenet.

Browser was Opera mini. Does BIS support iso's?

Nice one on MB lol,i have only done 3. H Member Apr 20, Thanks for the replies everyone. Alright so I've tried a few of the suggestions given during the course of yesterday. Went to blackberry os and registered etc, was about to download then I decided to find out about warranty and stuff. From what I've read I could void my warranty by changing the os myself especially a leaked os.

So I'm not too keen on that. Then tried the SB, deleted SB2 and tried a download. Worked fine but rather slow annoying! Problem was it felt as if my bbm messages were being delayed by few minutes. So I undeleted the SB2. Any idea what the SB2 is used for? Are both SB's required for normal functioning of my phone?

I don't want to be fixing one problem by creating another.

bolt browser for Blackberry _UCWEB

Also tried vodacom, spoke to a consultant and asked to have my service books resent. Got a message on my phone about my email activation only, then I rebooted. When resending SB's is that the correct message to receive?

Software Download for Partner Communications

I'm still leaning on my OS6 being the problem but if it is I'll wait for an official release from vodacom. Ah tis a long reply lol. Oh and damn!


You guys got some great file sizes downloaded. Thanks again guys, Cheers. Also with regards to what that service book 2 is,im not sure,i use a program on pc called magic berry,what that is is an ipd reader,ipd is the service book file extension,but i cant see what SB 2 for,it could be a service book to limit you on download size for certain file extensions therefore when deleting it works,but not all the time in your case but in mine yes. CranialBlaze Expert Member Apr 20, Apr 20, Slight correction, ipd is teh extension for blackberry backups, these do contain the service books but depending on your level of backup can contain you emails, sms, address book and even you bbm contacts and messages along with every single setting on your handset.

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