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Note Under Windows 95 and later, applications are commonly SDI because the operating system has adopted a "document-centered" view. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide: Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Content feedback. Submit feedback.

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English Bulldog February 18, 5 min read. Iron vs. Steel February 17, 5 min read. Somatic Gene Therapy vs. Germline Gene Therapy February 17, 3 min read. Ferrari vs. Lamborghini February 16, 5 min read. Crew Cab vs. You then simply have to add in the specific application code where needed.

Because both SDI and MDI applications are rather open-ended application types with a plethora of possible applications, this chapter will simply walk you through the wizard. You can then use various resources in the appendices at the end of the book to find specific ideas you might want to implement in a MDI or SDI application. Figure The application wizard with SDI apps. The SDI framework Step 1: Start the application wizard, you will choose the SDI application type Figure Choosing the container option.

For the next few steps of the application wizard, you will simply keep default settings—until you get to Step 3 of 6 on the application wizard. Here you will make one single change.


You will select the container option. What this does is allow your application to contain documents, thus the term container. Clearly, your application will have to contain other items to show text documents, image documents, or any other type of document you might be interested in. Throughout the rest of the application wizard, you will select the default options, until you reach the final screen of the application wizard. However, it would be useful for you to take some time to examine Step 4 of 6 Figure Step 4 of 6 on the application wizard.

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You have a number of useful items you can choose from here. Any of the items selected will be automatically created for you by the application wizard. Each of these items is quite useful for you. For example, recall the work done to add in a menu? Well, at this stage in the application wizard , if you select the menu box , then a menu will be created for you, with all the standard options you are used to seeing in menus file, view, edit, etc.

This is all very useful and takes care of the work for you. When you get to the final screen of the application wizard, you will notice that there is a section titled Base Class. Recall from the previous discussions of object-oriented programming that a base class is the class that is inherited from.