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The iPad does not support generic external storage. This is an operating system limitation that many expect Apple will address in a future software update, but it is not possible today. However, you can use the Photos app to import photos and videos from USB storage. If you happen to have a bunch of photos on a USB hard drive, you can connect it to the iPad and use the Import tab in the Photos app to suck in photos and videos.

This also works with cameras. The same is true for SD card import. Plug it into the iPad Pro and insert an SD card and it will enable photos and video import. The iPad has drivers for many basic types of USB accessories. For example, hardware keyboards will just work. The iOS Settings screen will magically show a new section for Ethernet, when it is detected.

Does the USB 3 adapter support external hard drives?

The iPad does not have a headphone jack. If you have USB-C headphones, they will plug in directly and just work. In some cases, the 7. Accessories that need more power will work as long as the USB bus has sufficient power draw. The accessory will then draw power through the USB-C charging. As the finale, the USB-C bandwidth is high enough that you can drive multiple accessories at a time through the single port. You can mix-and-match all of the above — photos import, displays, microphones, etc — at the same time.

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You just need an appropriate hub and there are loads to choose from on the market. As always, how much you can connect at once is limited by the available power throughput. Much of this was possible with previous iPads, but would always necessitate the use of adapters. You can now connect up to a 4K display and a camera at the same time, or a single 5K display at 60Hz refresh rate.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: Apple's third-generation iPad Pro, which launched in November of , features an all-screen display, with minimal bezels and no Home button. Benjamin develops iOS apps professionally and covers Apple news and rumors for 9to5Mac. So, unfortunately, I still need to bring a larger surface pro or laptop with me to clear my sd cards and store media on trips.

Can an iPad Be Connected to an External USB Hard Drive? | It Still Works

Hope this helps. Sep 3, 6: If you own an iPad Pro and it isn't working for your needs or workflow, you can sell it for another mobile devices that may meet your needs. Nov 24, 3: If they are going to market this as a laptop replacement, then they need to give us some real world tools to accompany it, and a keyboard and pencil are not the only thing users have been begging for.

Nov 24, 4: Nov 24, 5: Dec 1, 3: Set-up is easy.

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Just download the free Mobilte app to access the hard drive contents with or without the need for internet. Another app to download is FileBrowser. The app allows you to access the drive as a wireless NAS.

You also get the ability to drag and drop files to the external drive if you have IOS 11 installed. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Hi there, I have a 9. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Dellul Dellul.

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McCall Diana. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: All these storage devices generate their own WiFi signals. But, over a length of time, these devices will need to be charged over electricity. Video Speciality level out of ten: McCall How doable would be to use Lightroom on an iPad without a laptop on a trip? Is there any sort of portable wifi hub to plug any drive to it and connect it to an iPad?

Also I would want to backup the images on a second drive. Would an Android tablet allow that as well?

Can an iPad Be Connected to an External USB Hard Drive?

Not sure if an iPad can substitute a Macbook Air for travel. The alternatives are out there. Life is too short to be using an electronic gadget that isn't doing what you need it to do. Good Luck to You!