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No text message notifications at all Ask Question. MasterArcanist MasterArcanist 3. Soft reset? I'm not familiar with this. I did try this. No dice: Does the problem persist when you recieve a text while the phone is put on charge? There's just no notification whatsoever.

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Lorenzocoffee Lorenzocoffee 1 1. Uninstalled skype, reset phone yet the problem persists. I did try setting skype as the primary messaging app, which seems to work fine. Android and then iOS evolved to include notification managers that channeled system and app notifications into a single place. And both work similarly: You slide down from the top of the screen to reveal a panel containing a variety of quick settings Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, screen rotation and so on , global settings brightness, volume , and system and app notifications: Apps that have been updated, new email messages, calendar reminders and so on.

Here's the notification manager in the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5.

Windows Phone 8: Set Custom Tones for Calls, Text Messages, Voicemail, Email, and Reminders

In iOS, Apple actually divides this functionality into two slide-in panels, with the second sliding up from the bottom. But let's not get bogged down in the details of each implementation. With Windows Phone 8. Called Action Center, it looks and works much like similar interfaces on rival platforms, which some cite as evidence that Windows Phone has "fallen behind" its competition.

Xbox Notification Settings in Windows Phone 8

I don't see it that way, exactly. Windows Phone was still is superior to Android and iOS in key ways, and its live tiles in particular have always been a key differentiator. Action Center is required because Windows Phone and its ecosystem of apps has matured so quickly: Just a year or so ago, most people could see live tiles for all of their important apps right on their Start screen, without needing to scroll. Today, that's just not possible. Making Action Center look and work like the notification managers on other platforms makes as much sense for Microsoft and it did for Apple when it, um, borrowed this feature from Android.

This is now an expected way of doing things, and having this feature in Windows Phone will help ease the transition for those coming to the platform from Android or iOS. As such, it is engaged in the same way as it is on those platforms: You slide your finger down from the top of the screen. By default, this works from anywhere in Windows Phone, including the lock screen.

You can disable that if you want. Action Center also provides two views, if you will. While you can slide the panel all the way down to see the normal view, you can also stop partway to view just the quick action tiles at the top. As anyone who has used a notification manager on Android or iOS can tell you, this feature is quite useful.

Windows Phone 8: Set Custom Tones for Calls, Text Messages, Voicemail, Email, and Reminders

Detailed status information. It's a bit subtle but if you look below the status bar when Action Center is open you will see additional information about each status item: The cellular data network to which you're connected, the type of that connection LTE, etc. Quick access to key system settings. You can access key system settings—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and rotation lock by default—without having to find and then peck around in Settings. Since these are settings you need to access fairly frequently, this is in fact quite a convenience.

And if you have a big screen Windows Phone handset like a Lumia , you can configure 5, not 4, quick action tiles: Screen brightness is the default additional choice.

Messaging notification not working

Quick access to all settings. Asus Hard Drives: New 27 May 2. I don't think ii have ever got a pop up type notification, but get and icon on the lock screen when new text is received Check, Settings, Personalisation, Lock Screen See if the messaging app is in there to show a status update. Dell Inspiron OS: Windows 10 CPU: Slow Browser: IE 11 Antivirus: Windows Defender. New 27 May 3.

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Hi, Settings, Personalisation, Lock Screen, the messaging app is in there to show a status update. Formerly in 8. Now I get neither! New 27 May 4. The Action Centre Notification will only appear for a brief period, then it'll disappear. Slide your finger from the very top of the screen to the bottom of the screen to display more details in the Action Centre. See if your settings are as follows: My Computer.