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If the ringtone has an ID3 information tag, it will show up with the proper title, otherwise it will be displayed by its filename. Method 2. There are lots of apps available that can make ringtones, but Ringtone Maker is free and has a simple interface. You're free to use other apps, and the process will likely be very similar to using Ringtone Maker.

Download or transfer the song that you want to use for the ringtone onto your device. In order for Ringtone Maker to work, you will need to have the music file stored on your Android device. Click here for instructions on adding music files to your Android phone. Open the Ringtone Maker app. A list of all the sound files on your device will appear.

If you can't find the file you want to use, tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner and select "Browse". You can then browse your device's storage for the sound file you want. Tap the green button next to the file you want to edit. Select "Edit" from the menu.

Use the sliders to adjust the portion of the track you want to turn into the ringtone. Ringtones are best set at 30 seconds or less.

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Tapping the Play button will play back the current selection. You can use the zoom buttons to zoom in and out of the wave graph. Try to make your starting and stopping points in lulls in the music so that the ringtone isn't jarring. Tap the "Save" button when you're satisfied with the selection. This button looks like a disk, and is located at the top of the screen.

Name the ringtone.

How to Send Ringtone to Your Phone

The name you enter when saving the will be the name it is listed as in the ringtone selection menu. Tap "Save" to save your new ringtone to your Ringtones folder. If you want to use the ringtone you've created for other system sounds, such as alarms or notifications, tap the menu that says "Ringtone" and select the desired location.

Select your new ringtone from the list. After downloading it, find it in your file manager. Then click on "more options," and you will see an option to use it as ringtone. Yes No. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Connect Your old phone to your computer, open the phone's memory trough in Windows Explorer. Now, drag it onto your desktop. Next, connect your new phone and follow the steps in the article. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 4. You 1 place the music file on your phone's SD card, 2 locate the file in the file manager and 3 copy the file to the ringtone folder in your phone's storage.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful 5. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Try using a YouTube to MP3 converter. You can copy a YT url and put it into the converter. It will give you a download for the song.

How to make custom ringtones for your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. Hiw do take downloaded songs from Pandora and make them into ringtones? Click here , then you can customize your ringtone. You can edit tempo, pitch, and maximum SMS message length if you are converting your ringtone to Binary Nokia format. If you are have or want to have your own ringtone converter site and use Uniring converter, you can use it upon asking for permission, just send email to cellphones.

They also provide a long list of ringtones you can directly download from their website and send in to your mobile phone. This website supports most of ringtone formats including midi, wav, mp3, and nokia ringtones. It can also support any mobile phone carrier as long as you have a mobile web browser and mobile coverage, you are good to go! The first thing you should do is to type in your digit number, make sure it is only 10!

If you have a mobile number that is more than 10 digits and you find this confusing, delete the excess number from the beginning of your mobile number.

Here you will select the name of your mobile phone network carrier, just click the drop down arrow and you will be given a list of network carriers based in the United States. But don't worry if you are from different part of the world as this is globally available for everyone! Here you will choose the file or ringtone that you downloaded online or you made yourself to send to your phone.

Just click the Choose File button and you a file folder will pop out, just browse and select the file you want to send to your phone, and continue to the last step. And as for the last step, just click the upload ringtone and wait for the file to arrive in your mobile phone. This might take a few moments because the website will still generate the codes to be sent to you, but don't worry because it does not usually take very long. If it happens that you didn't receive the sent on your phone, check the details you put in and make sure the number and the carrier is set correctly.

Take note that using this RingerDrop is absolutely free; however, your mobile network carrier might charge a little fee on your credit load for receiving SMS with the ringtone link. Sending your new favorite ringtones to your mobile phone is as easy as 1, 2, 3, thanks to the technology and people who made sending ringtones to our mobile phone more convenient and possible. You don't have to spend more time looking for your cable wire or borrowing or buying one because now, you can do it by just few clicks on your mouse and keyboard. Dec 01, Product-related questions?

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Ringtone 1 Ringtone Resource 1. How to Send Ringtone to Your Phone Most mobile phones let the users to download ringtones directly from their phones.

How To Send Your Device Internal Ringtones To Other Device

Method 1: With Wondershare TunesGo Method 2: With Uniring Method 3: With RingerDrop Method 1: With Wondershare TunesGo: Download and transfer your favorite ringtones to your phone quickly. Free Download Free Download. They're downloading. MobileGo One-stop solution lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle convenient. Download Now. Download Now Download Now. Hot Articles. All Topics. Join Now.