Ios 5 notification center copied from android

Definitely not.

IOS 5 Notifications vs Android (comparison)

Android has had that since version 1. Recently they improved it in Android 3 so developers can make rich notifications that are more than just text and an image. So iOS5 notifications have caught up to Android 1. The only original part is integration of notifications into the lock screen. Some 3rd party apps provide that for Android but it's not built-in. Now you can subscribe to magazines and newspapers and have updates downloaded in the background.

Android relies on programs that are not part of the core operating system to view content, in order to allow 3rd parties to compete against each other. Android apps, including the Market, are still catching up on subscription and in-app purchases. But the OS has had background updates and sync for quite some time. The nice thing about the Android story is that the APIs for this are public. Apple has integrated Twitter into the operating system and its major applications.

Whether you like it or not. Seriously, Android has these standard messages called "Intents" so that if your app wants to have a Share button it sends out an Intent indicating what it's trying to do. The OS will go out and find all the apps that can do Sharing and give the user a list of them to pick from. Even social media apps that weren't invented yet when the program was written can be supported.

Samsung Says Apple Stole Notification Center

Android does the same, but for any application. It lets the developer write an account manager for single sign-on for any service you can think of including Twitter, Google mail, Exchange, and more. Continue reading: What do you think? Join the conversation now. Safari improvements. Safari now has browser tabs and a simplified reader view. Not really. Android 3's browser as well as every desktop browser has tabs already.

Applications like Pulse, Instapaper, and Google Reader provide simplified readers. Get a notification at a certain time or location. For example get a reminder when you leave the conference building.

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Reminders based on times are not original see Alarms and Calendars in Android. Reminders based on location have been done before in third party apps for Android, but it hasn't been as well integrated and packaged as in iOS5.

Camera improvements. There's a camera button on the lock screen, and you can use the volume up button to take a picture. Yes and no. Some Android phones already have a dedicated shutter button so that's not new. But let's face it, the iPhone has a better camera app than base Android does. This change makes it even better. Second and third party camera apps fill the gap on Android to some extent but not completely.

Search mail, conversations, drag and drop addresses, indent, global dictionary, and rich text. Not where it counts. Google's GMail client on Android has had searching and conversations since the beginning.

Is iOS 5 a Fake? Top 5 Features Copied from Android

Other features like rich text are new to mobile in iOS5 but have long existed on desktops and web applications. The dictionary is something Android doesn't have Kindle does but I wonder how useful it will be. Game Center. See scores of your friend's friends, purchase and download games from Game Center, play turn based games.

Ever heard of Google Talk? Final thoughts After reading some of the comments in the talkback section thanks!

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I decided I needed to add a little context. In April, Apple sued Samsung , claiming its Android devices are copycats because they're rectangular and use icons. In October they sued Motorola claiming Motorola stole ideas such as multitouch. It's part of Apple's new PC free push, and Android users first got a taste of this feature in Granted, Android doesn't have Twitter-specific integration, but it does have a developer feature called Intents. This feature means Android devices can send content between apps on the phone, including social networking services.

Sure, it's not the one-touch offering you get with Twitter in iOS 5, but Android allows you quick access to more than just Twitter. Image courtesy of Macworld. Apple is finally catching up with Android by offering over-the-air updates that let you update your phone's software without syncing with iTunes.

Apple steals notification system from Android, makes it much better? - CNET

Android has been offering such updates from day one, but Android devices are also notorious for getting update rollouts very slowly. This problem had more to do with device makers and carriers than Google, but it will be interesting to see how well Apple can execute a feature that has proven problematic for Android. Many Android devices and camera apps have included a hardware shutter button control for a long time, a new feature available in iOS 5 that lets you snap a picture with the iPhone 4's volume button.

Shocking isn't it?

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