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Rushinto the cool water and take pleasure in sliding and gliding withfast speed! Perform different stunts like twist and make loops,tilt your way round tight corners and enjoy your epic race! Watchout and be attentive, because there are many different obstaclesand your mission is to avoid any collisions and other accidents. Enjoy amazing summer views and set amazing records!

You can enjoydifferent ride just like the real experience and fell like thewater is all around you and enjoy the thrill of the cleanwater. Feel the true pleasure as you jump your way down the serioustwists and turns of a massive water slide.

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Be sure to avoid thedangerous objects on your way down. Slide down on those big slides. Find your way around tight corners and huge loops, following thenatural velocity of the slide. Slide through tubes with lots ofreal and amazing 3D experience. Water Park Slide Adventure Gamefeatures: Download this beach water slide pool android game now…!!!

Water Slide Monster Truck Race 1. Get ready to experience the extreme 3D monster truck race whileriding the furious water slides.

The water slide monster truck racegive you the real thrill of monster truck racing games along withthe amazing water sliding action just like beach water slideadventure. Accept the incredible monster truck driving gamesmission on frozen water slide tracks and beat the rival racer in notime.

Use your off road 4x4 monster truck simulator to melt thefrozen water slide tracks by using your extreme drifting skills andshow the world what you are capable of. Riding a desert truck onimpossible frozen water tracks is a real and fun adventure. Sobrace yourself for an endless monster truck racing adventure andbecome the champion of this 4x4 off road truck rally game. Waterslide monster truck race game is specially designed with ultra-highquality graphics with smooth GUI to give you the most comfortabletruck driving on difficult off road tracks.

Enjoy the amazing offroad racing tracks and beautiful stunt racing arena for the firsttime. The off road game is just like snow car driving games. Theonly difference which makes this game more thrilling is that thistime you are riding a real off road monster truck. Perform theadrenaline filled drift racing action while riding the mostimpossible tracks and show some mid-air flipping acrobatic stuntsto win this endless truck racing games. The truck driving simulator3D is excellently based on realistic physics and have a mostrealistic simulation ever.

Now it is your turn to show us yourextreme hill climbing and truck driving hill simulation skills andbe the master racer of the stunt truck racing games. There aremultiple off road monster trucks available to ride in this trucksimulation game 3D. Use the cash rewards to unlock your favoritemonster truck SIM and enjoy the crazy monster racing games mission. Water slide monster truck race game has three different andthrilling racing modes i.

The practice mode allows you to freely discover your driftingand stunt skills. In career mode you have to beat your rival racersand the last but not least is the survival mode. In survival mode,you not only have to defeat the other monster truck drivers butalso have to reach the finish line within the time limit. So buckleup for the most difficult and challenging racing gameplay, but notfor the pro drivers. Game Play: We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personal information collected by our partners like Google isused for analytic and game improvements.

Water Slide Adventure 2 1. Water Slide Adventure 2 is a unique additionto water slide 3D games Get ready for the real ultimatethrilling action while whizzing through the longest water slides ofthe world. The unique water slide game will surely take you to theworld of ultimate fun and action. Enjoy the ride on massivewaterslides while taking sharp and insane turns and make greatwater splashes in 3D water theme park. There are many uniquefeatures which give the water slide 3D adventure game a new taste. There are several new and amazing riders available to choose alongwith different great water slides.

Just visit the game store to buyand upgrade your favorite water slide rider to become the championof this water sliding game. Enjoy each and every water slidesimulation mission and feel the real adventure of cool waterslidesin amusement water park 3D. Rush through the world tallest and craziest waterslides whileplaying the water slide adventure 2 game.

Avoid obstacles andhurdles while taking the insane rides and collect as many coins asyou can. Get the magnets to collect all the coins and then usethese coins rewards to unlock different unique game features. Thebeach slide game is specially designed with marvelous 3D graphicsand amazing roller coaster ride animation to give you the maximumrealistic simulation in real 3D world.

Play and enjoy differentterrain like mountains and jungles etc. Each waterslide gamemission has its own unique taste and special terrain along withdifferent hydro slides and amusement water parks themes. Water slide adventure 2 is one of the most thrilling and amazinggame of on Google play store. You may have played many waterslides game but you have never played anything like this amazingwater slide games.

In this waterslide game, you will experience thenew concept of water sliding. If you want to go to water Slide Parkto take a furious ride then just download and install this bestandroid game and get the feel of realistic water park simulatorwhile staying at home. The pool party game is on its top and youhave to be the best water splashier to become the hero of amusementwater park 3D.

So brace yourself for the unlimited fun riding andenjoy the most advanced, adrenaline filled action packed waterslideracing game. Water Slide Adventure 2 Game Features: Use magnets to collect maximumcoins. We don't collect any personal information; any non-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and game improvements.

Water Slide 3D VR 1.

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Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a realistic waterslide in 3D water parks! Control the speeds of the rides and be careful whilemaking sharp turns at intersections of a massive waterslide in thisrealistic 3D racing game. Chase the adrenaline rush as you twistand tilt your way round tight corners, make loops and whizz throughat lightning speeds. But watch out, the edges are steep and thereare some little surprises and gold coins along the way.

A water slide is alsoreferred to as flumes, water chutes, or hydroslides. Let the wheel turning in the depth of blue waterslides and embarkon a mysterious journey which is out of the universe. Splash thefrozen water tracks while going bumper to bumper and beat theopponents by maneuvering a modern sports car.

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Perform the deadly car stunts whiledrifting heavily on the water tides and go beyond the limits toreach the finish line fast. Take up the speed challenges whilerushing through the narrow water channels and drive against thegravity laws to make the impossible race possible. Cutting EdgeGraphics: Race in spectacular environment of the water-themed parkwith beautiful racing tracks. The frozen water slide car race isbest of both worlds as it will give you an adventurous feel ofcrazy waterslides while driving a modern sports car. Enjoy your funride and have a unique racing experience for the first time.

Take a wild tour of frozen tracks infree ride mode while driving your favorite muscle cars. There is norestriction or limits in free ride mode as you can go everywhere inthe whole theme park. The career and the time modes are somethingchallenging which demands high-speed racing skills as you have tobeat the rivals fast.

Realistic Car Physics: Melt the frozen trackswith your turbo car drifts while enjoying the excellent vehiclesuspension and realistic car simulation effects. The whole waterslide car game is based on physics laws to give you real-life carracing experience. Ride Your Dream Cars: Unlock and customize yourfavorite sports cars by using the cash rewards. There are multiplehigh-performance supercars available to ride in this game.

Wedon't collect any personal information; any non-personalinformation collected by our partners is used for analytic and gameimprovements. Casual Top Show More Case Clicker 1. Click, buy keys and open cases! Be the best! What can be found in the game? Plants vs.

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You can even take Tom on trips toother countries and build up an album of photos from his travels! So download now, and startplaying today! Ourapps do not allow younger children to share their information. Thisapp contains: Terms of use: Angry Birds 2 2. More images. Waterslide Extreme is a free game app that features a fun 3D waterslide simulator for iOS mobile devices. Feel the thrill as you speed your way down through serious twist and turns of a missive waterslide in this unique time racing game brought you by Barclaycard. On the game, you control your water sliding character by tilting the device on round tight corners and huge loops, following the natural velocity of the slide.

The faster you go, the more accumulated points you earn. But watch out for the steep edges as it provides some little surprises along the way. You can also ride the slide in 1st person or 3rd person view and choose from a male and female character. Overall, Waterslide Extreme is quite entertaining and fun game, ideal for a good diversion to much harder and complicated iOS games.

Gamers from 80 countries have been riding the digital rollercoaster on the app in a bid to get to the top of the Barclaycard leaderboard. In addition, each month between now and then, Barclaycard will reward the leading gamer with an Apple iPad. To date Barclaycard has given away three iPads to gamers across the globe since the competition launched in July.