Symbian software sony ericsson p1i

The Pi's idle screen was separated the today view and shortcuts via tabs and was rather fiddly to use.

UIQ 3 after the Sony Ericsson P1i launch.

By contrast, the P1i's idle screen is similar to that found on the Mi. It combines the today view and shortcuts into a single screen. The today view lets you see new messages, upcoming appointments and tasks and missed calls at a glance. The shortcuts are displayed along the bottom of the screen. These extra shortcuts mean that, effectively, the best of both Pi and Mi idle screens are combined and is a definite improvement. The shortcuts are flexible in what they can do; you can assign a shortcut to an application, a common task e.

Each of these types has differing set up, adding another layer of flexibility, for example contact shortcuts can specify the type of action call, SMS, MMS, email. You can also customise the icon used for each of the shortcuts. Although the shortcuts can be used to duplicate the application launcher, this is rather wasteful.

I think they are best used for shortcuts to common activities. For example if there is someone you SMS regularly you could use a shortcut to allow one tap access to this rather than the multiple taps that would normally be needed.

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Alternatively, if have a regularly visited web page e. Since phone usage patterns often revolve around the same regular activities e.

Smartphone that joins office and multimedia functions

One item of particular interest is that one of the default shortcuts on the idle screen is for 'More applications'. This is a mini application which opens up a web page offering links to third party software and services. Giving this sort of space and prominence to the ability to add third party software to the device is a step that should be applauded. It is exactly this kind of measure which is needed to educate new users about the abilities of smartphones and the potential for extra functions to be added. The web page is question offers four links: Calendar is the strongest component of the three, with flexible data entry and a variety of different views.

The necessity to record voice tags used in voice dialing is a poor experience compared to the speaker independent recognition systems found in other S60 phones. Messaging itself supports all the usual standards and has good support for scheduled and partial download of emails. Only one of these systems can be installed at one time, but the fact that they are included by default reflects the all round good value of the P1i.

Inevitably, always on push email has a battery life penalty, but it is surprisingly small in the P1i's case, thanks to good power management. Also associated with email is Quickoffice which allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The version supplied is 3. There is also a business card scanner which, although perhaps a little gimmicky, does work and can save data entry time provided the card is formatted in a reasonably standard way.

PC Suite ticks all the right boxes: PC Suite also includes a number of other components, including a backup manager, a file manager for viewing and transferring files to and from the phone, an application installer, a MMS message composer and a mobile networking wizard that lets you use the phone as a modem.

Navigation menu

It has both full page and fit to screen modes, the latter of which is particularly suited to browsing on the move as you can follow links and move up and down the page using just the scroll wheel. Extra features, such as a variable zoom, full screen mode and landscape mode also help enhance the browsing experience. It is a shame this functionality has not been included as it is in the beta version of Opera Mini 4 which of course you can load as a Java-hosted third party app.

Sony Ericsson also include a basic RSS browser, which is useful for keeping up with news and is well integrated into the browser, but has a limited feature set and no import or export, making it impossible to sync a reading list with other RSS software. The hardware design of the P1i suggests an enterprise focus, but multimedia is also well served, thanks to an impressive software bundle.

Music player has the usual category Artists, Albums, Playlists, and Tracks and hierarchical viewing approach to browsing through music stored on the device.

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  8. Music player on the P1i lacks a few features and looks plainer when compared to its Sony Ericsson Walkman cousins, but is still a competent application and with features such as idle screen integration, playlist editing, a collection of preset equalizers and support for album art, measures up well compared to its competitors. The lack of a 3. The Video application is used for both local and streamed video.

    Sony Ericsson P1

    The smartphone? It's not even too heavy and weighs around grams including battery. Overall, in terms of design, Sony Ericsson's P1i is a success and a big improvement compared to its older Pi or Pi predecessors. P1i has a very generous TFT touchscreen that supports up to K colors and x pixels resolution.

    News, reviews, information and apps for Nokia and Symbian.

    Unfortunately, you can hardly use the phone outdoors in strong light, because you can only catch glimpses of the menu, numbers or letters. Otherwise, it makes a good addition to the smartphone and really helps users who need a bigger display for web navigation or emailing. You can easily compare P1i's display to those that are usually embedded in Pocket PCs, just that SE's smartphone supports more colors and it's not limited to 65k colors.

    Still, the display's performance is limited by the low processor integrated and didn't score more than a mid-level handset in benchmarks does. The only thing that can tell the user that this screen can do more is the 3D benchmark, which surpassed any expectations. There has been much talk about P1i's camera and only positive things were said, now let's see the actual truth about it. First of all, the 3. If you change zoom to any value, you will only be able to take pictures in VGA resolution. If you're wondering if you can take pictures in the dark, the answer is "yes", but all pictures have a green tint all over.

    Even if it's not completely dark, you still won't be able to get rid of the greenish dots. When used in clear light, pictures look very sharp and have very good contrast. Just take care not to move your phone when you take a picture, because the camera module is very sensible.

    This is a very good example that more megapixels doesn't necessarily mean better quality. All pictures are saved in. The smarpthone can record clips with a maximum resolution of x pixels at 15 fps, but if you want more fps 30 you can use any of the lower resolutions x , x or x 96 pixels.

    The length of the clips is only limited by the internal or expanded memory. Movie recording is a real downside for SE's P1i, as the clips? Overall, the camera module of the smarpthone could get some improvements, especially for clip recording. As for picture quality, P1i is better than what you might expect from a business handset, on condition that you meet all the requirements for a good shooting i. Just as its older brothers, Sony Ericsson P1i runs on a Symbian 9.

    Still, don't be fooled and think that this is a much better OS than Nokia's; on the contrary. I'm not against any of the Symbian's operating systems or Sony Ericsson's handsets, but P1i has serious software problems. I started to get used to Nokia's Symbian lockups and freezes, I mean I get these times per month, but with Sony Ericsson's P1i I have experienced it times per week. I know many users encounter the same problems, but on the other hand, there are others who do not, so maybe the problem is just this terminal that I have.

    Still, I could determine a pattern were P1i freezes if you start more applications in the background or if you are tapping the menu faster than the smartphone can process the command. No wonder that, with such a low CPU, the P1i is soooooo slow. Furthermore, don't forget to check the Task manager from time to time to actually close all the apps that you opened and forgot to close.

    Another downside of the software that I could determine is that you can't play any clips that you recorded if you go to Gallery. That's strange, because you must actually start the Video player first and then play any of the clips recorded on the internal memory or on the memory card. I also had trouble connecting the smartphone to any WiFi network, I mean it didn't worked at all. I couldn't determine the reason, but I have tested the WiFi hotspot with other handsets and none had troubles.

    I'm not saying that there's something wrong with the phone, but? Other than that you won't have too much troubles in learning to navigate through the complex menu that UIQ3 platform has to offer. You can also read. The P1i also includes a Calculator, Unit converter and a Sound Recorder with a recording time only limited by the available memory. Overall, the interface of the smartphone is not as user-friendly as we had expected, and you need some time to get used to it.

    You won't have any problems with those and it's very easy to set up such a connection.

    Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Symbian - Download

    The smartphone is also compatible with Bluetooth 2. Still, the most important thing about P1i is that it has a WiFi receiver, but unfortunately, we didn't manage to make it work. I know many people experienced problems with the WLAN connectivity, but I don't think it's something so widely spread again. In terms of messaging, Sony Ericsson P1i offers a complete email solution and is compatible with services: For Internet navigation, P1i includes Opera 8.

    The sound is very clear and loud enough for you to be able to talk on the phone in crowded areas with absolutely no problems.

    Furthermore, the vibration is somewhat mediocre in intensity. This is very unusual as the phone runs on a Symbian 9. This translates in poor speed when running various applications, very long loading times documents or apps and big lags when navigating through the menus. I have also experienced lockups and freezes, because I was tapping the stylus-based interface faster than the CPU could process.

    And "faster" means exactly as I was navigating through a Nokia Symbian-based handset.