Ios 6 laggy on iphone 4

However, with a little tweaking, it is possible to fix iPhone lagging issues and speeding up your device once again and boast performance clearly. To make your iPhone work well, you should make sure that there is enough storage on iPhone. If "Not enough storage", don't worry, the following is the easiest way to free up your iPhone storage. This cleaner use the top space saving technology to analyze and scan your iPhone device, to know how to free up space and the amount that can be released.

This software is fast and easy to use. It applies a one click solution to free up space which in the process reduces the chances of iPhone lagging. In fact, iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users every year and reported by many well-known medias around the world, such as macworld. To free up space to fix the problem of lagging on your iPhone, you just need to the follow 3 easy steps:. If your iPhone can still response to your tap on interface, then, there are some manually ways to deal with iPhone lagging. Maybe a little complex and can not fix the problem so effective, perhaps you need to try all them, spending so much time, to make your iPhone work well again.

However, you can fix this by disabling transparency and motion candy. This can fix up the lagging issues. The following is a step by step guide on how it can be done. This feature allows background app activity on iPhones and other IOS devices. However, the downside is that it can cause iPhone lagging and decreased performance. By turning it off, apps will no longer run in background therefore, reducing the chances of iPhone lagging. To do this, follow the steps below. Unfortunately, this is not taken serious among users. Sometimes it may be as a result of outright forgetfulness or lack of knowledge about the issue.

However, it is important to note that if you have tried every other thing and it does not work, it is advisable to update your device. There may be performance issues that can cause the iPhone to lag which can be corrected by just update. Note that if the update is available, then it must be installed on the device. Some updates are capable of maximizing performance as well as minimizing lag in the system. Spotlight is also laggy. Sometime spotlight search bar stuck in the status bar.. Totally UI problem. After lust update of ios 9. They are using iphone 6. After long week of disappointing experience i downgrade my ios to 8.

I want to use ios 9 just like ios 8. Is it possible?? Will apple do something regarding this issue??? How about iOS 9.

4 quick ways to speed up a slow iPhone | Cult of Mac

Are lags still there? Major lag on my iPod 5. Especially keyboard. Went to downgrade back to 8. This is a dirty tactic made to get people to buy new devices, I can play dirty too, you know. Thanks for the tips though osxdaily, it did help a little. Also is anyone else experiencing like an hour less battery life? I have learned by the hard way that the best thing after purchasing an Apple device is to not update it.

That is the truth. Apple used to render several year old models obsolete with software updates, people just assumed oh the phone is old, what do you expect, but not anymore. That iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus run so slow, so poorly with iOS 9, tells you exactly that you must buy a new iPhone every year, or you must never update your software.

One Click Solution for iPhone Lagging

Your choice. Have iPhone 6 Plus and iPad 3 I think. Both very laggy after iOS 9 update. Tried Siri stuff and visual reductions and no real improvement. Tried restarting, waiting a day etc with no improvement. About to try downgrade and saw on another site a tip to reset not the settings by holding home and power down for 10 seconds, until apple logo appears.

Tried that on both and they are both now back to normal responsive speeds. No freezing, no crashes and most importantly for me no annoying delay between swiping and entering pin. Worked wonders, has anyone else tried this? People are quirky creatures. Criticising other post of ones opinion or experience lol.

Strike that. I hate half baked updates they are one of the biggest headaches to walk into my store.

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This update is no better. I should have known better and waited but first hand experience of customers problems is good for me. Cha Ching!!! So… I recommend holding off until solutions are found. The American way lol!!! The only people I have ever heard talk up Americans are Americans. I must say that I am totally let down by Apple right now! I mean, I have defended and supported this company for over a decade and this OSX 9. I have spent hours trying to backup and reset as new, and am really over it. Apple needs to do something to fix this issue. Why not direct your anger and opinions to to the true culprit here….

Slow processor. My new 6plus is acting the same way. I cal it as I see it. The processor on iPhone 6 is fine, iOS 9 is slow because Apple made iOS 9 run slow on that hardware either due to incompetency or deliberate engineering. Tried all three of the suggestions and found a significant positive impact.

Lag was noticeably reduced. Went ahead and re-enabled transparency and motion effects but left Siri spotlight search off. It would seem that that was the primary culprit although I am certain leaving the others disable will speed it up even further. IPad Air 1 GB running 9. Went ahead and redid all the fixes and am experiencing a good result. The only weird glitch I am seeing now is that when I type on the keyboard the letter does not hilight as its tapped. My iPad is now so sluggish it has been rendered useless. Biggest mistake ever!

First time camera starts, the software has to be loaded into memory before it launches and takes around 3 seconds. Apple should lock the camera software into RAM to make it launch faster. But the phone may run out of memory to run other software concurrently. Reformmatted and reset several times, did these suggestions and my keyboard on iPad 3 is still laggy and slow. It worked perfectly before the iOS 9 update. I find it hilarious how your solution to fix an issue is to disable basic features of the iphone OS. I left the browser in my list on, and a few more.

I am used to a snappy interface — one of the intangibles that makes apple devices great. However, my iPhone 5 has been super sluggish since iOS9, making it as un-apple as iTunes. I wonder, is there a way to log experiences on the phone and view the logs? I have nothing to substantiate this observation, but I suspect having gmail as my provider, and three accounts linked at that, may have everything to do with the greatly delayed UI touches: At this point it would be naive to think that Apple slowing down devices with iOS 9 is anything but intentional.

They want you to buy a new iPhone. The trick is to never update iOS, even if you buy a new iPhone. It will not improve your device, it will make it slower. A year old iPhone 6 Plus is slower than my iPhone 3G. That is not an exaggeration. Its criminal what theyve done to peoples devices. Its been months and everythint runs like crap. First upgraded to ios9 i was locked outta my phone twice.

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Silly me didnt back it up first, so i lost a bunch of irreplacable photos. My fault for not backing it up. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing to upgrade because i was sick of getting prompted to throughout the day. No it didnt. Required me to goto apple store 45mins away twice to nuke my phone. Im not very tech savvy, but after troubleshooting with customer service over the phone, he told me theres nothing more they could do and goto the store. Took 2 days to get an appointment. They nuked my phone, i went home and tried to back up the last backup i had.

Unfortunately, the backup wouldnt work. Said file corrupted, had to go back. Nuke it again. This time i just walked in, pretty pissed. I cant even explain in words how sad the photos and notes i lost. Should of backed it up. But then again, youd think you could trust a company that prides itself in innovation and technology to handle a update, especially when they spam you with it times a day.

Slow iPhone? This hidden trick can speed up your handset

So, they part of my life was lost, i give up. Dont even want my last back up at this point, i just want a phone. I dont care if i have to start over. Im done with it. No, not really. Ios has been terrible. Everything is choppy and laggy. Super slow. Sounds like some people got lucky and theirs works fine. Good for you guys. But im not alone, ive spoken to many people in chatrooms about this. Its more common than not.

Im not a lawyer but i hope a class action lawsuit comes of this. If theres a case that can be persecuted, i dunno. Ios9 has been the bane of my existence.

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  5. I wouldnt own another apple product after this one, even if it was free. It would be like a restaurant that gave u food poisoning offered comps as compensation. But when i do, im going android. I wont sell this phone or give it away. I am going to microwave it, run it over with a truck 10times, put the remnants in a bucket of concrete and drop it in the ocean. Its absolutely criminal what theyve done. I bought this phone under the notion that it works properly.

    Using negative reinforcement they tricked me into updating it. I suspect nefarious intentions from them and ios 9. Maybe to trick people into buying a newer model mine is iphone 5. But i hear iphone 6 users are also having trouble. Regardless, they obviously dont get a darn about their customers to let this go on like it has been for so long.

    I curse apple and hiss when i hear their name. Maybe just my opinion, but what happenend to me has happened to MANY others, so the performace part is very factual. Seems like people that actually are tech savvy and know phones swear by android and refuse to get apple ever again. Now to keep your device running normally, turn them off along with other basic features like the background app refresh.

    The iPhone 6 Plus has 2 options. The Zoom option and the Standard option. The Zoomed option displays the resolution of the iPhone 6 on a 6 Plus. When you use the Zoomed version, the lag is gone. Even with transparacy and motion enabled. So the problem is that the high resolution is not working well with the ram that is inside the 6 Plus. Just download some other keyboard from the appstore I downloaded swift key working great for me now.

    Past 2 weeks im facing lagging issue, the touch screen hanged and every time i need lock and unlock to enable the touch on the screen. I was using IOS 8 then 3 days back i upgrade to ios 9. Anyone get help me with this issue? Thank you Mr. Horowitz for clearing up my desperate situation. I was at wits end my perfectly healthy iPhone 6 slow down to a crawl, a lack of up to 10 seconds between actions. I was ready to throw the phone out the window.

    Thank you again. Hi im sri here im using iPhone 5 ios9. February and all of the lagging performance issues mentioned in September through December posts still hold true. Even after 9. Thank you for posting this. These tips helped improve the lag and performance on my phone and I no longer want to throw it out the window! Much appreciated. I also experience the iOS 9 bs. The reason Steve jobs never allowed extensive background refreshing for apps as well as hardware access to apps for gaming speed increases is because it can cause uncontrollable memory leaks and slow downs for the entire os.

    This was one of the biggest advantages Apple had over the competition. Software Optimization was another one of their biggest strong suits and allowed them to use older hardware and less memory efficiently. Your suggestions really help, thank you! I know my iPad is not as fast as my iPhone or desktop but it just needed help.

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    5. I am running the latest version 9. My phone is choppy and slow. Sometimes takes multiple tapping on the screen to get a response to my taps. I replaced the phone with a new one and same problem. I have this choppy problem. I tried the suggestions on this site. No help. Never had this problem on my older phone, iPhone 6. If I could resort back to an older software version I would, but my job requires me to have the latest software updates.

      How To Fix A Lagging iPhone

      Strange tha Apple spends MORE time and money trying to convince unsatisfied users that their opinions are wrong than actually improving their Operating system. People complain over and over of Apple junk ware apps that cannot be removed, app tracking logs that can no longer be deleted, original apps that have less functionality or Hokie new UI, and most of all terrible performance and lag lag lag.

      The IOS 6 is so much better and faster. We all know that anyone touting recent a IOS is a shill. Because of years of upgrade frustration I will never buy another Apple device and I am now shopping Samsung and Microsoft devices. Apple you had it going but now you are lagging.. Literally lagging lag lag lag. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Ted Kessler says: September 18, at Paul says: Kevin says: September 18, at 2: September 18, at 7: September 18, at 8: Bob Morgen says: September 19, at 5: Nefilim says: October 13, at Marin says: October 20, at Mike says: January 6, at Mack Davis says: April 12, at Rachael Jellicoe says: INDC says: September 19, at 7: Jonathan says: November 7, at 7: IK says: September 19, at Terry Weaver says: October 5, at 1: Wishbone says: October 9, at 6: Joey says: October 21, at Just Sayin says: November 4, at 5: Zaph says: November 19, at 5: Joeseph Francis says: November 17, at 9: Robby Roberts says: September 24, at 3: Paul Thomas says: January 9, at 7: BionicMe says: September 21, at 7: Alejandro Ivan says: September 25, at 9: Adam says: Erika Malone says: September 18, at 3: Seymour says: September 25, at 6: Tim Cook says: September 18, at 5: Michael G says: Johnny says: BIll says: UglyStuff says: September 19, at 3: LB says: September 20, at 8: Dusty says: September 21, at 2: Donna says: September 25, at 5: Kim says: November 4, at 1: Joe says: November 28, at 3: March 20, at Burghardt says: Where is Steve says: Alex says: Mark says: September 18, at 6: Wharf Xanadu says: September 18, at 1: Susan Lawrence says: Barbara says: James says: Howie Isaacks says: September 18, at 4: September 19, at 4: John Ferman says: Nami says: Louis says: The Cageybee says: September 23, at 2: Douglas says: Frank says: September 20, at 1: Patrick says: TessellatedGuy says: December 14, at Wazz says: Christopher says: September 23, at 3: PB says: September 23, at 4: Qomar says: September 19, at 8: Phil H.

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