Fingerprint scanner ios 7 beta 4

According to an unnamed 9to5Mac source , the user interface for the fingerprint scanning system is complete; the technology is reportedly intended to help unlock the phone. It is unclear, however, whether the function will also be used for a rumored Apple payment system or be integrated into Passbook or other built-in apps.

iOS 7 Beta 4 Confirms iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor

Don't ditch your Android phone just yet — not all beta features make it to the final product, which will be released this fall. Previous beta versions of iOS 7 have included iPad support and message upgrades. Apple remains tight-lipped about upcoming hardware.

However, an image floating around Chinese websites suggests the rumored low-cost iPhone might be known as the iPhone 5C. A labor report out of China yesterday, meanwhile, also tipped a cheaper iPhone.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Feature Leaked (iOS 7 Beta 4)

These rumors come amidst reports that Apple is conducting in-house testing of larger iPhone and iPad screens, as well as the possibility of an iPhone launch delay due to the switch to a larger phone display. For more, see Apple iOS 7 Beta 3: What's the Big Deal? The Most Exciting Features.

Hidden Strings In iOS 7 Beta 4 Confirm Home Button Fingerprint Sensor In Future iPhone

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