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When viewed on a computer, you can see the video warp in places where the software is compensating for your strides. The microphone picks up all the ambient sounds you want it to, as well. Low-light video comes out noisy when viewed on anything other the SP's screen, but it really draws in a lot of light.

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You'd be surprised if you knew how dark it really was when we were filming the low-light sample footage in the clip below. There's no HDR video mode, by the way. That's one of the few things the lesser Xperia L has that the SP doesn't. In summation, the camera is a solid all-rounder and more than passable for casual use. It's a minor improvement over the Xperia P's 8-megapixel shooter with Exmor R sensor, but doesn't match up to the photo quality of the Xperia Z. Beating away inside the SP are myriad components that make it quite hard to call it a mid-range phone.

With a dual-core 1. One blip on the spec sheet is the 8GB of internal storage, and you can only use 5. There's a microSD slot to top that up, but sadly it only supports cards up to 32GB, so you can only stretch it so far. See the benchmark table below for an indication of how it measures up against Sony's big hitter, and a few peers hailing from As they say, though, the proof is in the pudding. General performance is absolutely solid on the SP.

Rifling through menus and home screen panels is fast and slick. The phone keeps up with even the most frantic of swiping. Apps load quickly, and you won't find yourself waiting around like you might with lesser hardware. Internet performance is equally as good, as highlighted by the near 1, ms score in the SunSpider test.

Mobile and desktop sites loaded up in a second or less, and only very rarely did we notice tiling when zooming out from a page. There really isn't much else to divulge when considering basic use, which actually says a lot about how capable the device is. The SP takes around 45 seconds to boot, but another 15 to 20 before Android and Sony's skin have loaded fully and it becomes useable. Gaming performance -- this editor's favorite part of reviews -- is really something.

That extra bump in volume is important. With leaky headphones that hang in your ear, cranking it all the way up will only just about drown out the rattling of a London Underground train. That being said, it's not worth mentioning if you've got a set of in- or over-ears.

Sony Xperia SP review: lights, camera, performance

The small loudspeaker on the back of the handset is fine for hands-free calling, but don't even bother trying to play music out of it. It becomes a distorted cacophony of ill-defined noise. Using our standard battery rundown test, the SP's sizeable 2,mAh pack ran dry after six hours and 34 minutes of looping video with the contrast-boosting Mobile Bravia 2 engine disabled. What does that mean in the real world? Well, it goes a heck of a long way. It'll survive a full working day of basically constant use -- pictures, video, browsing, the lot. Moderate to frugal users who stick to less intensive tasks, such as checking the odd website and answering a few emails, should get from waking up one day to home-time the next before having to recharge.

Criterion Games reveals that players can play the racer for "hundreds of hours".

It's really nice not to have to worry about being caught out, because even when the percentage charge starts getting low, you know it's still got a lot of life left. Incidentally, after a complete drain, the SP takes just under three and a half hours to fully recharge using the supplied wall adapter and USB cable. No complaints need be logged regarding network reception. Call quality is nice and clear, with no qualms from those on the other end. The SP sports Bluetooth 4. It identifies peripherals quickly and makes connections just as fast.

Abominable, horrifying, atrocious -- all valid words to describe the range at which it'll stay connected. We assume Sony will be able to address this with some kind of future firmware tweak, unless the antennae were lifted from the back of a truck in Shenzhen in When connected, the signal remains solid, but at 20 feet away from a router with one wall in its path, it's incredible to see it just about maintain a connection. There are three distinct models of Xperia SP: C, C and C Over here in the UK, however, all the major carriers are on board.

If you want to make use of that 4G radio right away, however, you'll need to hit up EE. While we like the One SV as a budget 4G offering, it makes the Xperia SP a relative steal, with Sony's offering trumping it in performance and screen res, among other things. The Xperia SP is by no means perfect. It's got a grime- and glare-loving screen that misses the mark despite its HD resolution. Other problems: The design may be a little bland for those who aren't interested in the transparent element, but the build quality is solid. Also to its credit are the capable shooter, long battery life and internal hardware that delivers serious performance for the price point.

Something that's hard to get across when you're reviewing individual facets is just how charming the handset is. So close, in fact, that if you want to consider this a mid-range device, it would be easy to conclude the the Xperia SP is the best mid-range device.

It's attractive, does what you ask of it without complaint and has character, to boot. What more could you want from a pocket companion that's easy on your bank balance? All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

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Need For Speed Most Wanted Android Gameplay on Xperia S

The Last of Us 2: Everything you need to know. Pikachu was supposed to have a third evolution. MrRender said:. But I have 2 questions. IronStorm said:. Really wish this was a cross-buy game. There is no way I can afford both versions at the same time so I will stick with the PS3 version for now.

I will get the Vita version, but in time. Is this game part of the cross buy promotion?

Google put a microphone in Nest Secure and forgot to tell anyone

BlindsideDork said:. CullenX said:. Here is some of the longest footage so far on YouTube. Not the greatest quality, but the game looks fantastic. No way EA would take their hands out of customer wallets long enough to show a little appreciation with something like Cross Buy.

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  8. Too bad. Right now, it looks like only Playstation exclusives are getting that promotion. Developers need to consider doing this, because not many gamers are going to fall for that buy-the-same-game-twice trick. If cross buy have been successful with movies, it will be successful with the games as well.

    Cross Buy would be nice, but I think we are dealing with a very big and ambitious title here. I am sure there was a lot of development time spent on the Vita version. I am so happy that Criterion kept the game development in house on the vita version, and not shove it out to some weak developer. I am all over this game day 1, the Vita version will be the one I need. I can only stomach so much Dancing with the Stars, ect.. KazeEternal said:. Godchild said:. That information is posted on all descriptions posted on the PSN store.

    The only real content that can be accessed across all 4 systems are movies and songs, but not every game. MassaBR said:. I think Cross-buy is a waste of money for Sony, unless they find a way to implement it correctly. They have every right to do so after they made the purchase, but it is a potential lost sale for Sony. Unless they just plan on seller the PS3 version to make up for the lost sales of the Vita version. If they go the route that the content is already on the disc and has to be downloaded on to the PS3 and then moved to the Vita, now that is the best way to do it. Similar to the way you got Dead Space: Extraction off the PS3 disc of Dead Space 2.

    KirAMinh said:. There is no CrossBuy. Dont waste your time to ask so many the same 1 question like that. A simple yes or no would suffice and whomever copied and pasted those terms on the PS Store to bring about this renewed speculation would need to be smacked. I take my comment back comment They only have that description on content that are cross compatible.

    Need for speed Most wanted might be Cross-buy. I checked on content that can only be played on PS3 and they state just 2 consoles, nothing about portable consoles and then I checked Cross-buy items Retro City Rampage , it mentions 2 console systems and 2 portable systems. Unless they bank on the PS3 version selling like hot cakes to make up for the lost sales of the Vita version?

    Zezzler said:. Thanks a million Criterion! You are one of the best development teams. Just got back from the EU blog and Fred Dutton was kind enough to at least answer some questions. Pointed me right back here and said to mention him sending me here: