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DC Super Heroes provides stacks of fun for all the family. Injustice 2 achieved everything it set out to do when it arrived on iOS and Android devices, namely scale down a popular superhero brawler for home consoles into a polished, mobile-friendly package. While the graphics are impressive, combat is at times formulaic and the microtransactions will no doubt put some players off, but any game where you can clobber Harley Quinn with Wonder Woman and punch Green Lantern in the face as Batman is worth playing at least once.

Not all superhero games need to take their cues from the Batman Arkham series or Marvel vs. Capcom to be a success. When Gameloft landed the rights to Spider-Man, the studio merged the property with Temple Run-style gameplay to create a story-driven auto-runner where you can do whatever a spider can via a series of screen swipes. Zombies is a drokking riot.

Here are all superhero movies of 2017, ranked.

Judge Dredd vs. Superheroes are so versatile that their games span a wide range of genres, in this case, the match-three puzzler. Marvel Puzzle Quest is essentially Bejeweled with ramped-up RPG elements, Marvel Comics characters and a hokey storyline about a meteor strike introducing a darkly mysterious chemical substance to our planet. Meanwhile, the hand-drawn depictions of classic comic book characters are impressive enough to earn the game bonus points from the Marvelites.

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Related Stories Top 10 puzzle games on mobile. Android iOS. Top 10 puzzle games on mobile. To save himself, he needed to step up and become a new man — becoming a better partner to Pepper. Bruce Wayne has always been interesting. In The Dark Knight , Bruce makes the decision to reveal himself. This sacrifice was made so that he could maintain the myth that Harvey Dent was the true savior of Gotham City.

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This antagonistic force enacts change in the protagonist. A strong villain creates strong change. There are three different types of villains — Terrorist, Shadow, and Brother. Terrorist villains are agents of chaos. The Joker Heath Ledger is a perfect example of this type of villain. Shadow villains are the opposite of the hero.

Glass Samuel L. Jackson from Unbreakable is this type of character. Brother villains have the same origins and are evenly matched to the hero. They both have the same powers. It exposes the truths and human emotions of a movie.

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Themes that are often explored in films are justice, responsibility, family, and discrimination. Mutants are an allegory for racism, discrimination, and xenophobia. In the solo films dealing with Wolverine, we get the themes of being an outcast from society.

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Another major theme is identity. After gaining powers or joining a team, how does that change them? What are the consequences? Freedom is explored by the character of Captain America. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier , he was thrusted into our grey world with no idea of who to trust. We also have to remember that heroes, like villains, have categories too.

The Chosen One heroes are characters like Superman and Thor. They purposely created the gadgets and the means to carry out their mission. Skilled heroes are characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow. You may not be able to write the next Superman or Avengers movie, but you can create your own superhero world. Be creative and think of a way to tell a superhero story in a unique way. Examples of this would be Kick-Ass and Chronicle.

Kick-Ass was a blend of action and satire, and it worked extremely well for audiences. Chronicle was a dark teen drama shot in a found-footage style. It also had a unique voice.

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The story is about Hancock, a drunk, down-on-his-skids loser, who needs to turn his life around. This is a story that you see in many indie dramas.

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In most trilogies, the second installment is usually more sobering and serious. Captain America: Always Mind Your Surroundings: Movies with multiple villains have always been tricky things to navigate. There are many examples of movies that have done it badly. How do you do you it correctly then?

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Superhero movies are here to stay. Make sure your characters change and emerge as new beings. If you want to learn more about how to create a great screenplay, visit Dan Calvisi at Act Four Screenplays. Season 1 by Frankie Koelle.